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Happy Mother's Day Quotes and Poems

With Mother's Day just around the corner, here at Clare Florist we are busy at work preparing our bouquets so that they are delivered in time for your Mum to enjoy them. One of the extras we can include with our flowers is a handwritten card where one of our team will hand write a message to your Mother as a little treat for her to show how much you care.

If you're having trouble thinking of what to include on your card, we have collected our favorite quotes and poems for including with your flowers.

"A mother's happiness is like a beacon, lighting up the future but reflected also on the past in the guise of fond memories."

"A mother is not a person to lean on, but a person to make leaning unnecessary."

"I remember my mother's prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life."

"Insanity is hereditary; you get it from your children"

"The sweetest sounds to mortals given are heard in Mother, Home, and Heaven."

”No gift to your mother can ever equal her gift to you–life.”

"Mothers hold their children's hands for a short while, but their hearts forever.

“M” is for the million things she gave me,
“O” means only that she’s growing old,
“T” is for the tears she shed to save me,
“H” is for her heart of purest gold;
“E” is for her eyes, with love-light shining,
“R” means right, and right she’ll always be,
Put them all together, they spell “MOTHER,”
A word that means the world to me.

If you are looking to treat your Mum this Mothers Day, check out our range of Mother's Day Flowers to surprise her with.

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