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'Britain's Favourite Flowers' - do you agree?


Which? magazine has conducted a poll to discover Britain's favourite flowers.

According to the magazine, the answers are as follows: 


Top ten annuals/bedding plants

1 Fuchsia
2 Pelargonium (geranium)
3 Sweet pea
4 Pansy/viola
5 Petunia
6 Dahlia
7 Lobelia
8 Begonia
9 Cosmos
10 Poppy


Top five perennials

1 Lavender
2 Hardy geranium
3 Primrose
4 Hellebore
5 Peony


And the top five flowers by scent

1 Rose

2 Sweet Pea

3 Honeysuckle

4 Lavender

5 Jasmine

What do you think? Is Fuchsia really top flower of them all? Or would you have put in a vote for something a bit different? Are sweet peas and jasmine really nicer scents than freesia or lilies?
Let us know your thoughts!

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