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Satanic Orchids Discovered in South America

An extremely rare variety of orchid flower has been discovered in a forest in southern Colombia. The flowers weirdly somehow resemble miniature demonic heads with sinister clawed petals - we're not joking, take a look here.

This discovery was made by Polish researches who named it Telipogon diabolicus. It was found in between the Colombian regions of Putumayo and Narino and measures in at around only 10cm to 15cm tall. This is probably one of many more as yet undiscovered species of orchid - in 2015 over 20 new varities of orchid were discovered and catalogued.

The Telipogon diabolicus achieved instant Critically Endangered status as the forest it was discovered in is scheduled for a new road building project :-(

This isn't the first flower to be discovered that has an uncanny resemblance to something else. There's the Snap Dragon Seed Pod which looks like a skull or the Psychotria Elata, also known as Hooker's Lips in reference to that which it resembles.

What is the weirdest looking flower you've ever seen?

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