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Seven Flowers that Changed the World

We at the CF Blog might just have a new Favourite Job Ever: our attention has been brought to a fascinating article called Seven Flowers that Shaped the World -- by a flower historian called Jennifer Potter!  If nothing else, we live in a world where flower historian is a real job. And that's something quite excellent. 

Ms Potter has written a book about her magical "seven flowers", and also gives talks on the subject around the country. But for a more distilled version of the piece you can check out her article here, where she runs through the reasons why she's chosen THESE seven flowers.

But what are these magical seven flowers? Try to guess, then look beow the line for the answers!





1 - The Lily


2 - The Lotus


3 - The Rose


4 - The Opium Poppy (!)


5 - The Orchid


6 - The Sunflower


7 - The Tulip


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