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Shooting pictures of flowers...literally!

How's this for some explosive photography? 

We do like to kepp an eye on floral art arond the globe, and today it's photographer Martin Klimas catching our eye. He makes blooms boom!

By freezing flowers in liquid nitrogen, then shooting 'em with an air cannon, Martin makes the delicate blooms explode -- and then takes a photo at the vital moment, to end up with these surreal images of glass-sharp shards of petals hurtling outward from an empty centre.

Operating out of a studio in Dusseldorf, Germany, Martin explained recently to Wired magazine that older scientific journals are a big inspiration in his art; '“I often use scientific processes to create new photographs,” he says. “Because there’s a good chance to find hidden imagery.”

“Many of the things I photograph cannot normally be seen with the human eye,” he continued. “There’s no way to explain how paint mixes while vibrating, or how the pieces of a flower fall while exploding. My images deliver these explanations by making the processes visible—the chaos and the unknown turn into order and knowledge.”


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