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Spice Up Your Office with Different Flower Arrangements

Those long days at work getting you down? What better way to brighten up your surroundings than with a warm bouquet of flowers. Now only do flowers enhance the appearance of the office, they also help elevate stress and help clear the air, whilst of course leaving a pleasant scent in the work atmosphere. Flowers have also shown to help increase productivity in the workplace, as they add a natural, relaxing element to the office.

Which Flowers to Use?

Here at Clare Florist we have a great selection of different flower bouquet and baskets available for you to decorate your office with. Naturally in an office place you won't be able to tend to the flowers all the time, so you may want to look for smaller flowers which you can then take home with you over the weekend to prevent them from wilting. Also with allergies and hayfever season staring, you may want to avoid any flower that has a strong scent that could agitate other workers in the office.

Spring harmony basketOur Spring Harmony Basket is an ideal flower for brightening up your office. Not only do the warm yellow Roses and White Freesia add a calming feel to the office, they are contained within a basket allowing you to easily move the flowers around your office.

These flowers would be an ideal addition to a reception area, or on a side table in a meeting room, and help to add a dash of color to the corner of your room.

Desktop Flowers

phalaenopsis plantDesk needing some brightening up? Why not add a stylish side flower beside your computer to help give you a break from staring at the screen all day. Our Phalaenopsis Plant, also known as the Moth Orchid, is one of the most popular orchids and is contained with a small white planter with green leaf highlights, and will be a superb feature on your workstation.

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