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The Psychological Benefits of Flowers

Flowers can improve our mood. This seems inherently obvious, something that we intuitively grasp, yet it's still interesting nonetheless to read about research which has proven that flowers are beneficial for our psychological well-being.

It seems that there is a good reason that Get Well Soon Flowers are such a popular gift for loved ones in convalescence. Studies have shown that patients in hospital rooms with flowers have had a faster rate of recovery and have felt better in terms of both mental and physical health. Not only did they require less pain medication, it was also demonstrated that they had improved blood pressure and pulse rates. It would seem that the mental health benefits of flowers carry over into physical benefits, suggesting there is some kind of holistic connection.

If you're in the catering or restaurant business it might interest you to learn that research suggests flowers on the table can improve diners' mood. This will inevitably lead to a better dining experience and will help ensure you get repeat business.

The odour and colour of flowers can also play a part in improving our mood whilst also alleviating anxiety. Softer colours are thought to be more calming and relaxing whilst bolder colours can energise and rejuvenate.

It's also well known that plants and flowers in the workplace can help boost motiviation, creativity and cognitive performance. Whether it's in the office or in your house if you are freelance and work from home, the benefits of having fresh flowers around cannot be understated.

What do you think? Do flowers really have such a strong psychological benefit as the research indicates? Or is it all hyperbole cynically disseminated by the floristry industry? We're curious to hear your opinion.

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