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The Rarest Flowers in the World (Part 2)

Last week we took a look at 3 of the Rarest Flowers in the world. This week we are going to continue our search into the weird and wonderful world of flowers and plants, and present you with some more gorgeous flowers that sadly can only be seen in select places around the world. These rare flowers are close to the brink of extinction, so enjoy them whilst you can!

Parrot’s Beak

The Parrot's Beak, also known as the Clianthus is a beautiful flower native to New Zealand. They are known for their unique clusters of red flowers which people say resemble the beak of the Kaka, the New Zealand Parrot.

This flower is incredibly rare out in the wild, however it is cultivated in horticultural trade so that people are able to buy them. The Parrot's Beak flower can grow up to 2 meters high, and bloom from Spring to the start of Summer, and can often flower twice a year.

Lady's Slipper Orchid

The Cypripedium Calceolus is a wild orchid which can be found across Europe. This Orchid is often referred to as the Lady's Slipper Orchid due to it resembling a small slipper that a female would wear.

This eye catching flower can fetch up to £5000, even though the flower itself is very hard to grow as it requires fungus for nourishment, at one stage it even had police protection and anyone caught stealing the flower could face 6 months of jail!

Middlemist Red Camellia
This is one of the most rare flowers in the world, and currently there are only 2 places where the flowers have been growing - New Zealand and Britain at the Chiswick House and Gardens. Originally found in China, this plant was brought over to the UK in 1804, and, unlike its name, the flowers are bright pink rather than red. It is believed that a few more plants from this species are living in people's gardens and they are not aware of it.

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