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Top 3 Winter Flower Care Tips

Here are our top 3 flower care tips for the winter to prevent your flowers and plants from suffering from the cold weather conditions outside.

Tip 1 - Before the temperature starts getting really cold, water your flowers and plants with a good amount of water to keep them going before the ground freezes. We recommend you do this in late November before the temperature drops dramatically, and the extra water will keep them strong for longer during the deep freeze.

Tip 2 - Cover your ground area with leaves, straw and mulch to act as extra insulation around your flowers. It is best to cover at least 1-2 inches high to help protect your soil, and also make sure to cover as much soil as possible to protect the roots of your plants.

Tip 3 - Should the temperature get really cold, we recommend transplanting your flower into a container and bring it indoors to your house or shed. This way you can safeguard against strong cold winds or heavy snow, and you can keep the soil moist during the long winter months.

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