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Top Tips for Tuesday: Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets are a staple for making a garden look wonderful. Adding hanging baskets does a lot more than just give you more room for flowers -- it gives you a whole new plane of elevation in your garden design, giving your flower garden a "three dimensional" look, rather than just being a bunch of flowers scattered around the edges of a lawn. 

You can of course buy a readymade hanging basket from Homebase or B&Q or (better yet!) your local garden centre, but why go to the expense when it's so simple to throw one together for yourself? 

One fantastic online resource for making your own hanging baskets is this magazine article from Which? Magazine. It has lots of practical advice involving the fitting of liners and the choice of compost. Which is great, because it means we can skip on over all that stuff and get straight to funky ideas for a basket!

  • As the Which? article suggests, if you have a metal colander lying around, then it's basically a readymade hanging basket! Brilliant for that funky recycled vibe. We're not so hot on their idea of using old supermarket baskets, though. Do you really want your garden looking like a disused canal? 
  • We also love these teapot hanging baskets from Wallacegardens. A great way of turning junk into art! 
  • Pinterest is also a great source for ideas -- we typed in "funky hanging basket" and straight away found this cool basket made from an old set of hanging scales.

Let your imagination run wild!

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