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Victorian flower-delivery robots!

Victorian flower-delivery robots!

Wrylon Robotical

Help, we’re out of a job! How are we supposed to compete against Wrylon Robotical, with their huge array of flower-delivery robots, which can cross air, sea and land to deliver a single flower anywhere in the world?

Wait, what’s that? Wrylon Robotical mysteriously went out of business a hundred years ago?


Wait, what’s that? Wrylon Robotical never actually existed in the first place?

Double phew!

So … what is Wrylon Robotical?

They’re the fictional company featured in a new book by art director Barry McWilliams. His book is a catalogue for the invented company, a clearly steampunk-inspired "automatonical, robotical, bespoke flower delivery" company. What makes the book magical is its weird illustrations, which have a Heath Robinson sort of charm to them.

Take a look!



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