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Welcome these new bouquets to our family!

A new bouquet is, to us at Clare Florist, a bit like the birth of a beautiful child. Well, without so much crying. Or worries about what colour to paint the baby’s room. Or the whole magical creation of a new human being thing.

So actually, what I meant to say is that a new bouquet is a lot like having a brand new bouquet. Yes, that works. But it’s still special to be able to welcome a new arrangement – a new example of the skill and artistry that our florists put into arranging flowers, colours, textures and shades – into the Clare Florist family.

And with not one, not two, not seventy-eight, but three amazing new bouquets recently added to our range, we thought we’d take the opportunity to show off these wonderful arrangements which our florists have lovingly put together.


1. Tourmaline Bouquet

Our Amethyst Bouquet is a firm favourite among our customers, and now it’s got a new gemstone-inspired cousin. The Tourmaline bouquet is named for a gorgeous jewel, whose marbled depths contain a beautiful gradient from pink to green. And here is the tourmaline bouquet itself, modelling a fabulous green-and-pink look made of lush foliage and fresh pink roses, and the whole thing is studded with glowing white freesia. We’ll say it so you don’t have to – this is a gem of a bouquet.

Tourmaline Bouquet

The Tourmaline is currently retailing at a crazy low price of £22.99 – that’s 23% (£7) off its usual retail price of £29.99. This is an ideal bouquet for a light-hearted romantic gift. It’s super-sweet and thoughtful, without being syrupy or trying too hard.

Click here to order the Tourmaline bouquet - with FREE next-day delivery.


2. The Sweet Candy Bouquet

And speaking of super-sweet…

The Sweet Candy Bouquet is a delight, it’s a confection, it’s a tantalising whisper of sugar across the taste buds. Like the Tourmaline, the central tones for this bouquet are pink and white, but this time the white is to the fore in a delicious display of big and bold white lilies. Meanwhile candy pink spray roses shimmer across the surface of the bouquet, filling up the space between the lilies with glimmers of colour.

Sweet Candy Bouquet

And there are great savings available on this new bouquet too. This time there’s a borderline insane 29% (£10) off – meaning that the Sweet Candy Bouquet is retailing at just £24.99. If anyone you know would love a lush, buoyant bouquet to light up their home, then this is a perfect deal.

Click here to order the Sweet Candy Bouquet - with FREE next-day delivery!


3. Heidi Heaven


And finally (for now!), we’d like to say hello to Heidi, a charming young bouquet who’s sure to be making a big splash in years to come. Heidi Heaven is our latest bouquet: at the moment she’s only available on a special introductory deal for subscribers to our email mailing list, but she’ll be going out on general release real soon.

Heidi Heaven is a mix of soft pink roses with some wonderfully exotic oriental lilies. The aura and presence of the oriental lilies gives it a really unique feel; rich and mysterious, soft and strong.

Heidi Heaven

Look out for Heidi arriving on our website in a blaze of glory next week (in the meantime, if you don’t want to miss out on great introductory offers like this one, you can sign up to our mailing list.

Thanks for taking the time to read about the new additions to our family. Take one into your home; we’re sure you’ll love them every bit as much as we do!

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