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World Kindness Day 2020

Tomorrow the 13th of November marks World Kindness Day, an annual event which is observed on this same date every year. In true 2020 fashion, this year's World Kindness Day falls on Friday the 13th which may be perceived as significant by those of us who think 2020 has been a pretty unlucky year for the most part.

World Kindness Day started in 1998 as an initiative of the World Kindness movement, a coalition of different NGOs from around the world. The face of World Kindness day in the UK is David Jamilly, a noted English humanitarian and social entrepreneur.

World Kindness Day is intended to promote kindness, diversity, acceptance and love. Being kind or performing a small act of kindness for someone not only benefits the recipient of the act, it also makes the person performing the deed feel good too - win win! An act of kindness can be anything from paying a work colleague a compliment to surprising your significant other with a bouquet of flowers.

Are you planning any acts of kindness for World Kindness Day? Tag us on Instagram and let us know!

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