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The subconscious garden.

Maybe I have been thinking too much Coolfreesia5about flowers recently, the other day I had the most bizarre dream of a gorilla giving me a gigantic carnation! Feeling curious, I searched around for the meaning of seeing carnation in a dream, which in fact turns out to symbolise light-heartedness, vitality and joy. Inspired by this, I decided to also look up the meanings of the appearances of various other flowers in dreams and share my findings here:

  • Certain flowers are seen as being good omens when appearing in dreams. These include jasmine, chrysanthemum, marigold, myrtle, laurel, violets and daisies field. In particular, marigold is associated with wealth, violet symbolises prosperity, while laurel is associated with success in love. Dreaming of currently blooming flowers is also seen as good luck.
  • There are more flowers that are associated with love and marriage. Rose is another flower which signify success in love, while honeysuckle represent a happy marriage when appearing in a dream.
  • Unfortunately, there are also some flowers which denote misfortunes. Dandelions, wilted bouquets and withered roses are the most common unlucky flower symbols in dreams. Boohoo.
  • Of course it is in the nature of dreams that there would also be an element of personal significance in what you dream of. Colours, environment and events are all common factors which can affect the dream interpretation - ultimately it is your own interpretation which reflect the most about what your dreams might mean!

Prepared by Tracy, posted by Bob.

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