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Other Interesting Uses for flowers...

We all know how wonderful flowers are; as gifts, to brighten a room, to celebrate a certain occasion, to evoke a special memory and even to eat - by jazzing up a plate of food.

For hundreds of years the healing proprieties of flowers and plants have been exploited in herbalism, naturopathy and homoeopathic remedies.

These medicinal properties of flowers and plants are usually consumed in the form of a flower tea, or mixed and made into a compress or poultice (applied externally) or are made into an essence or oil which can be heated for it's vapour or used externally. 


Here are a few examples of flower types and their medicinal benifits:


Chrysanthemum - Can be used to cure colds, fevers, headaches, eye inflammations and hypertensions.   Good to drink in hot summer weather. 


Pink_rose Rose -  The petals can be used for cooling, blood circulating and anti-depressive.





Tiger Lily - The bulbs are used to treat insomnia. [Image Removed Upon Request)



For some more information on medicinal flowers then take a look here:



When utilising flowers or plants as natural remedy's it is always very important to seek professional advice before use especially if the remedy is to be consumed orally.


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