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What colour are you missing?

When trying to pick the perfect bouquet, besides choosing the variety that will send the right message, the biggest headache must be choosing the best colour or combination of colours! As Oscar Wilde once wrote, "Mere colour, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways."

Meanings associated with different colours, and his/her favourite colour aside, each colour is said to have subtle effects on our mental states caused by the neurological effects from the different frequencies of colour lightwaves. So, whether you want to create a particular mood for your room, or seek some flowery therapy for the soul, some knowledge of the powers of each colour will go a long way!

Close up view of Clare Florist Tropical Red AnthuriumRed - Ahhh..the colour of warmth. With the longest wavelength, it is also the colour associated with blood and energy - perfect if your room is in need of an energy boost, or stir up some warm feelings in that special someone!Image of Black Cala Lilies available from Clare Florist

Suggestion - Roses or the Clare Florist Tropical Red Anthuriums

or for a slightly darker shade of red:  Black Cala (which are in reality not black but more a dark maroon - still lovely though)

Image of the Mango Cala Lilies available from Clare FloristYellow - Wake up to some sunny yellow flowers for an injection of optimism and alertness. Eye catching and memory stimulating, yellow flowers not only look delicious and brighten up any gloomy rooms, they also do wonders for those who would rather be more decisive.

Sunflowers, Mango Cala, Yellow lilies
Image of orange Flame from Clare Florist
Orange - For those with hay fever or dust allergies, befriend the Orange flowers! Orange is said to improve immune and digestive systems, with the psychological effect of making us cheerful and more warm-hearted. 

orange roses and freesia

Blue - Calming and non threatening, blue flowers are particularly good for those in need of some relaxation and a good night sleep. It's said to suppress appetites perhaps not the best flowers to put in the kitchen!

blue collection

Image of the green Lime bouquet from Clare FloristGreen - Another relaxing flowers are not only great for getting rid of stress, they also aid concentration - making them ideal for study rooms or offices.

anthurium, lime bouquet

For all the colours why not have a look at our Colour Collections range of flowers.

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