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Weird and Wonderful Wednesday: Coral Bells Heuchera

Weird and Wonderful Wednesday: Coral Bells Heuchera

Dan Heims, president of Terra Nova nurseries, and self-confessed ‘plant nerd’, says this is one of his favourite plants. “There's probably no plant that has this range of amazing color,” he said in the Chicago Tribune.


Coral bells, genus Heuchera, is a North American plant, found in the arid deserts of Arizona. It has terracotta or bright red coloured flowers. The Heuchera family includes many different varieties, of which coral bells are just one – the rest are known as alumroot.

Natives of northwest America have derived herbal remedies from the alum, to help with digestive difficulties, inflammation and bleeding. Not only that, but these tangy leaves can be used in a salad! But the most amazing thing remains those vibrant colours – as Heims said: "We get colors coleus can't even get."

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