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The exquisite vanilla plant

Wow, did anyone know that Vanilla originally came from orchids?? Definitely something to remember for next time you indulge in some creme brulee!

For the orchid lovers of you out there, I'm pleased to say that they are finally back in stock for us after the nasty wet days plaguing Thailand recently which has been devoiding us of these delicate belles. Apparently orchids have been hanging around since the ages of dinosaurs, making them around a whooping 80 million years old according to this ancient orchid pollen that's been found.   

Orchids are a pretty strange bunch - with the rather interesting array of forms in which they come in, as well as various distinctive features to encourage pollination, they in fact appear to be mystically intelligent beyond their peers. Just consider a flower that deliberately give off a bad smell to attract a certain fly, or indeed some of the very common moth orchids (phalaenopsis) which only smells good at night to attract moths!

Orchids being the stylish madams of the flower world shows off the latest vase fashion...

Even more intriguing is the way the effect of evolution can be seen to go also the other way, so much so that Darwin was able to predict the existence of a moth just based on a particularly striking pattern that was evolving from orchids. Talk about mysterious processes in nature!

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