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The way to propose..

You may have been seeing lots of our jaw-droppingly drop dead gorgeous roses livening up various travel agents around the high street all over UK. What's the occasion? A little early for Valentine's Day perhaps..but it's never too early for going on a wedding cruise!

And as it happens, we've just had a massive order - think thousands of grand prix red roses. It's all in aid of promoting getting married on board Princess Cruises who just had a new brochure to prompt all the to-be-fiancés out there to go the extra step for the 'cruise of a lifetime'.


Robin's mighty boxes all prepared and ready.


Roses! Say hello to the camera..We'll be having you nicely wrapped up pretty soon..


Height is never a problem for us.


Mass Proposal - all set to go!


Team ClareFlorist pleased with themselves (..but Robin is distracted. Maybe missing his boxes?)

Much as traditional big white weddings in churches are pleasant, one can't help but think they can be a little clichéd at times. So yes, exotic weddings are definitely the way to go! Alternatives are endless - gardens, beaches, mountains, or just even being abroad. But of course, cruises have the advantage of a built in honeymoon and of course all the romanticisms that go with being in the sea and on the move at the same time.

Therefore..guys, if you augment 'The' question with say, a couple of cruise tickets, or better still, hire out a whole cruise if you have a few millions of pounds to spare - chances are, as a female first instinct she would think 'hell yeah!'.

Just the tickets missing!

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