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The Healing Power of Flowers ~ Colour me happy

Cl441One of the most immediate impacts of flowers is their bright, uplifting colours. Did you know that there’s a form of alternative medicine called Colour Therapy, also known as Chromotherapy or Colourology? The idea is that colour and light can be used to remedy imbalances in our energetic system, restoring us to well-being, both physically and psychologically. This works because of the effect that different wave-lengths of light (and so colour) have on us. I’ve certainly noticed the effect that different colours have on me in terms of everyday things like clothing and interior decoration, so maybe it’s not such a surprising possibility that colours could be used therapeutically. For more information on the theory and practice of Colour Therapy click here. Different people will react differently to certain colours and have their own personal favourites, but here are some general associations:

Pink is associated with protection and altruistic love, it is gentle, warm and nurturing and has a calming effect on the emotions. It can be used to soothe feelings of loneliness, despondency, irritation and aggression.

White is the colour of purity and peace. It is used to alleviate shock and despair and to cleanse troubled emotions and thoughts. It is also used for protection and to give space for reflection.

Green (a component of all our bouquets!) is the colour of nature and helps to lessen stress and to balance the emotions. It connects us to the natural world and promotes empathy and relaxation.

Red is associated with passion and vitality and can be used to support ambition and overcome negative thoughts. Too much red in someone’s system, however can lead to anger and irritability.

Orange is a vibrant, uplifting colour which can help to relieve feelings of depression and low self-worth. It can be used to free us of stuck, negative emotions and renew our interest in life.

Yellow is the colour of happiness and sunny days; it is also associated with the intellect and can be used to aid our mental faculties. Bright yellows promote optimism and self-confidence.

Blue is a cool, calming colour, connected to water and sky. It can help us to find peace and clarity and soothe away the bustle and stress of modern life.

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