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Flower Astrology ~ Virgo (August 23 to September 22)

As part of a new monthly blog feature I thought I'd look into the fascinating world of floral astrology, to help you chose the perfect bouquet for birthdays or other special occasions, with a little inspiration from the stars. The first sign the sun falls under as the summer stretches into early autumn is Virgo.

Floristselect51Those with birthdays under the Earth sign of Virgo tend to be practical and meticulous people, often perfectionists. Their diligence and attention to detail means they are good at organizing and planning and they like their environment to be clean and ordered. They are usually modest, reserved individuals and can come across as serious and aloof, but, as those closest to them will know, beneath this lies a more light-hearted, witty side, as well as a great deal of insight and wisdom. The sign of Virgo is associated with purity and service and with the colour blue. Asters and daisies are the talisman flowers for Virgo. Charming and delicate, they symbolise love, patience and daintiness and they appear in many of our bouquets. The peaceful tones of blue flowers also make a perfect gift for Virgos, as found in our seasonally selected blue flower collection (pictured).

Kerryanne our Operations Manager is a Virgo and easily falls into this description, her favourite colour is Torquoise but unfortunately there are no Torquoise flowers - yet!

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