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Spring Flowers - Daffodils vs Tulips - You decide...

 The most popular and familiar spring flowers are daffodils and tulips.  As seen all over the country in many varied locations.  Both very different in appearance from each other,  they are the sign to us that spring has sprung and finer weather is on it's way.  Both are well recognised and very popular, but is one more celebrated than the other?

DaffodilNarcissus is the botanical name for a daffodil; a mainly hardy, mostly spring-flowering, bulbs in the Amarylis family native to Europe, North Africa, and Asia.  The flower meaning of daffodil is;  You're the only one,  regard,  unrequited love and the sun shines when I'm with you.  The daffodil is an emblem of Wales.


The tulip is a bulbus plant with showy flowers from the family Tulipa and belongs to the family Liliaceae which is native to North Africa and Iran to the Northwest of China.  The flower meaning of tulip is;  Perfect lover,  fame,  love and passion.  The tulip is the national flower of Turkey.


Here is our interpritation of Spring Delight;  an arrangement of 100 stems of glorious golden daffodils and tantalising tulips, encompassed in luxury florists gift wrap.  Hand-tied in house by our expert florists,  ready to place in a vase and situate where ever you want the essance of spring to be experienced.


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