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National chocolate week

Did you know that next week is National chocolate week?

To be honest I am a chocoholic, it's the one thing I know for sure I couldn't give up!
For sure I definitely don't need a reason to eat some but was really interested reading through all the different events that are taking place over the country.

It got us all talking at work about our favourite chocolate - here's all our different favourites:
Kerryanne - Bournville or any dark chocolate
Claire - Galaxy Caramel
Polly -  Thorntons Eden
Robin - Chocolate Liquer
Carole - Creme Eggs - but only at Easter time!
Nora - Fruit and Nut
Brian - Chocolate digestives
Millie - Mars Bar
Barry - Cherry brandy liquers
Ged - Kit Kat
Dave - Doesn't eat chocolate !!!!!!

Some of those links go to Wikipedia of which there are some really interesting facts and figures, it's amazing the quantity and money we all spend on chocoate.

It also got us talking about chocolate themed flowers of which there are only a couple.
Choco Anthurium and Chocolate Cosmos Plant - if you know of any others be sure to us know, drop us a line at

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