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Taste of Edible flowers

The annual Taste festival is doing it's rounds around the country. We went at the weekend and had a fabulous day out in the glorious sunshine.
There were loads of mouth watering dishes to choose from and I noticed lots of the chefs were using edible flowers as garnish.
Here we have compiled a list of flowers that are available just now either in the garden, forrest or even amongst our own bouquets.
So once you have looked at the flowers you can eat them!
Aliums - The flowers are stronger flavoured than the leaves, great in egg dishes such as omelette's.
Onion Flower
Carnations - sweetish spice flavour suitable for desserts and salads.
Dianthus flowers
Chervil - Anise flavour, suitable for fish dishes.
Chervil Flowers
Chrysanthemums - slightly bitter, peppery flavour. Suitable for salads and infusions. Blanch petals before use.
Chrysanthemum flowers
Gladiolus - Very bland flavour. Suitable for sweet and savoury stuffing's and petals in salads.
Gladioli flowers
Honeysuckle - Sweet honey flavour suitable as a garnish for desserts.
Honeysuckle flowerts
Lavender - Sweet flavour as a garnish with custards and cakes.
Lavender flower
Lilac - Highly floral, slightly bitter lemony flavour suitable for salads.
Lilac flowers
Nasturtiums - Sweet, peppery flavour great for salads.
Nasturtium flower
Roses - The flavour depends on the type and colour, but generally fruity. All roses are edible. Suitable for garnishing desserts and salads, excellent in syrups and jellies.
Sunflower - Bitter-sweet flavour. Use like chrysanthemums. Can also be picked before the flower bud opens and steamed when they are reminiscent of artichokes.

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