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Credit Crunch Holiday

Like many of us this year I decided to stay at home this year for our annual holiday.
I have to say what a really nice holiday we all had. For the first time in my adult life we went camping around Scotland.
Luckily we didn't have much rain and the scenery was amazing. It was really refreshing to go on holiday and spend so much time outdoors.
One thing we all agreed what great eating places we have everywhere and the ever changing weather meant lots of nice lush landscapes.
It was so nice to see so many different nationalities everywhere as well, we really don't make the most of our country when we are dashing off to find some sunshine. We did meet lots of Dutch people which I found very amusing considering we talk to Dutch people every day here to buy our flowers!
Here are snaps of our trip with some inspiring views.
Crannog Centre at Aberfeldy

Waterfalls at Killin

Loch Ness - can you see Nessie ?
A tall German Ship in Fort Augustus

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