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The Clare Florist Flower Quiz

I thought that this week I'd set a little quiz to see how knowledgeable you all are on all things flowery.  All of the questions  are flower related,  so lets see how many you can answer. 

As they say in all good pub quizzes - please no mobile phones and no google.  I hope you enjoy this and good luck...  Oh and I've left some clues in some of the links in the questions.

Question 1)  What were the series of civil wars (1455 - 1485),  that were fought for the throne of England between the The House of York and The House of Lancaster called?  

Question 2)   The monarch of which nation sits on the 'Chrysanthemum Throne?

Question 3)  The spice saffron comes from which type of flower? 

Question 4)  What is the 'art' of Japanese floristry called? 

Question 5)  Name the 3 artists who painted these famous floral still life paintings?

  1. Sunflowers - by...... 
  2. Iris - by..... 
  3. Le Lit Dans La Glace - by..... 

Question 6)  What are the best selling cut flowers around the world? 

Question 7) What part of the world do the flowers in th picture below originate from?

50 mixed tulips Question 8)  What flower am I?

"Display me on your table;  expensive and exotic.  I have a sophisticated colour scheme,  my spots and streaks can be really quite hypnotic!"

Question 9)  What  flower changes colour from blue to pink according to the amount of acid in the soil?  

 Question 10)  What is Clare Florist's best selling bouquet?

Well that's the end of the quiz,  I hope you enjoyed it.  I shall post the answers up on next weeks blog.  Why don't you go to our facebook page and leave us your answers? 

You never know there might even be a prize for the correct or most amusing answers!




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