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Mother's Day Flowers 2014 Buying Guide

Buying Guide to Mother's Day Flowers

When deciding what you buy your mum for Mothers Day, it can often be hard to select the right gift for her, especially since you don't want to look too cliche or get her something that your brother or dad may buy her. As they say, it is the thought that count, however isn't it better to know that the gift you will send her will be something she will cherish rather than something she'll look at for a minute and throw in a cupboard?

For those of us who are having a hard time deciding which Mother's Day Flowers to buy their mum, we here at Clare Florist have created this quick guide when it comes to selecting the correct flowers for Mother's Day.

1 - Select the Correct Colour

Often time's we may buy a bouquet for someone only to discover it doesn't really compliment the tones of their home. If you're mum has lighter tones in her living room, perhaps one of our roses or lilies would be a better choice? However if she has a more colourful, warm tones, then tulips or bright carnations may be a better idea to add to the overall ambience of her home.

2 - Does she want a Sweet or Subtle scent?

Often times we can get quite distracted by the colour of our flowers that we don't really consider the scent that they have. An example of this is the lily flower - whilst a beautiful flower to look at, it does have a strong scent which your mum may or may not be partial too. On the other end of the scale Sunflowers have little scent.

3 - Where would she put it? And does she have Vase for them?

It makes no sense to buy your mum a huge bouquet of 50 roses only for her to have nowhere to put it. We recommend when in doubt to buy a smaller bouquet of around 12 flowers or so, as that way they can be placed on a side table or coffee table. Also make sure that your Mum has a vase ready, you don't want her to have to go out and buy vase once you hand over your flowers.

4- Learn about the Life Span of Flowers

Some flowers have a longer life than others, and whilst Mother's Day is only celebrated once a year, you would still like your mum to enjoy your flowers for longer. Chrysanthemums and Carnations are some of the longest lasting flowers, sometimes lasting up to 20 days. Alstromeria can also last from around 14 days, and Roses up to 7-10 days.

5 - Consider Different Flower Designs and Containers

We have many different flowers available in a range of colours to match your mums home. We also have a range of more modern flowers inside a black perspex cube base such as our Little Greenie, or how about one of our basket flowers which add a timeless charm to your mothers home?

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