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Tips for Tuesday – Where to place your flowers

We all are aware that have plants in the home helps lift our spirits, helps clean the air and all round just makes the home a happier and healthier place. Here are some tips for creating a flower empowered home to match your personal style and décor using findings from recent research from Harvard University.

Where to place your flowers for maximum happiness

  • Place flowers in the entrance of your house, they will be the last thing you see on your way out and the first thing you see on the way back in.
  • In the busiest parts of the house usually the living room, kitchen or dining room place even just a few flowers as participants reported the greatest mood boost when flowers where placed in these common areas.
  • Colour affects moods and feeling too. Blues and greens produce soothing feelings where as bright reds and oranges are far more energetic. Yellows and peaches are nurturing where as pinks and lavenders are romantic.
  • To increase this affect it you have large open spaces or common rooms go form large blooms like lilies or hyranagea.
  • Place a few stems in a thin vase, which then sits inside a bowl vase. Fill to bowl vase with potpourri so that the inner vase is hidden. This then can be placed in a guest room, bathroom or bedroom to brighten up and add some fragrance too.


  • Experiment with using only flowers of one type or flowers of only one colour to match the room


  • You don’t just have to use a standard glass vase to hold your flowers. Experiment with old water pitchers, antiques teapots, old champagne glass to personalise those casual arrangements.



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