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Weird and Wonderful Recap

Weird and Wonderful Recap

Our weird and wonderful blog series has looked at some pretty interesting flowers and plants from across the botanical world. From the carnivorous Venus fly trap to the exotic and unique bird of paradise over the past two months we have had a whirl wind look at some darn interesting plants. Since we have covered quite a few here is a recap in case you missed any or want to learn some more about some of natures more bizarre floral creatures.

Glow in the dark fungi

Since were getting ever closer to Halloween with its ghosts, ghouls, and witches, and all things paranormal and possessed, our weird and wonderful Wednesday blog will look at natures own spirits of the night. With names like the Jack O’Lantern mushroom and the ghost fungus these fungi all have one thing in common, they can all glow in the dark..................


Ghost Plant

As we all learnt in school, plants acquire their energy from the sun through the process of photosynthesis, taking carbon dioxide and water in, and combining them to make sugars to use and releasing oxygen. A staple of the education system but like most things we learn in school, there is always an exception to the rule and in this case, there is around........................


 Giant Orchid

This weeks weird and wonderful blog feature looks at one of, if not thee, largest orchid species in the world, Grammatophyllum speciosum. With numerous names and pseudonyms including the Giant Orchid, Tiger Orchid, Sugar Cane Orchid and the Queen of the Orchids..................

Giant orchid

 The Carnivourous Pitcher Plant

Our look at some of the more interesting and bizarre plants that have evolved over the time has seen us look at a few different types of carnivorous plants from the Venus fly to the Bladderworts each with a unique trapping mechanism. Today we look at the simplest of all the carnivorous plants, one I am sure you will have seen before and recognise, the pitfall trap Pitcher plant........


Flowers of Australia

Australia is a country that has many weird and wonderful things, poisonous beasties, giant creatures and many, many interesting and bizarre plants. With its warm climate and wide variety of soils many species of plants are found only in certain parts of Australia...............


The Bird of Paradise

The bird of paradise flower or Strelitzia is a group of around five species of perennial plants that are native to South Africa. Known as the bird of paradise or the crane flower for the resemblance its blooms have to the bird species the bird of paradise.  These flowers display some of the most exotic and colourful blooms of all flowering plants in the world................



Tillandsia are a strange looking plant, wiry and course in their appearance with the odd occurrence of small purple and pink flowers. Unlike our previous posts, their not carnivorous like the Bladderwort or the Venus Fly trap their not to pretty either like the Pink Puya. What does make them incredibly weird is that they don’t grow in soil..................


Carnivorous Utricularia

Following on from last weeks Venus flytrap post, we shall stick with the theme of carnivorous plants as they are awesome. This week we shall look at bladderworts also known as Utricularia, a form of carnivorous plant that has a unique mechanism for obtaining its precious nutrients..............


The Venus Fly Trap

We have all seen, we all would know without a doubt what they’re called but do any of us know how they work?..............


The Pink Puya

Do you love, rare flowers? Have a thing for interesting looking plants? Well each Wednesday we bring you a short post about a rare flower, that, hopefully you won’t have seen before. This week our focus is on the beautifully coloured and all round intriguing Pink Puya (Puya dyckioides).........

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