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Flowers of the Lunar New Year

This Monday is the 23rd of January, a Monday I imagine similar to many others, the weather will no doubt be cold and bleak and those bitter northerly winds will remind keep us longing for the milder months to come. To many people however, this Monday is a cause for celebration as it is the beginning of a New year in the lunar callender which is also know and celebrated as Chinese New Year, Korean New Year, Tibetan New Year as well as many more. One of the main traditions of each one of these festivals is flowers, in particular the Chinese new year celebrations wouldn’t be complete without an array of flowers all with their own meaning.


Plum Blossom


Symbolises luck, perseverance and reliability.


Peach blossoms


Symbolize growth, prosperity, long life and romance. Single people will decorate their homes with them in the hope of find love in the coming year

Peach Blossom



Popular at new year due to the Chinese name Kam Gut Shu sounding like the words for gold and luck




Called the flower of riches and honour, it is a symbol of feminine beauty, love and affection. Red peony’s in particular are used to decorate homes to bring luck and good fortune.


Oranges and Tangerines


Abundant happiness is symbolised through a bag of oranges or tangerines.



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