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May Day Flowers - hawthorn blossom

May Blossom

May Day was yesterday, so what better time could there be to write all about the flowers associated with this annual holiday?

Well, okay, yes. Yesterday would technically have been better. But today's pretty good too!

So what does the flower mean to May Day? 

Like most folkloric or pastoral traditions, the answer is: lots. Flowers have always had a special place in such events - especially in springtime!

The most significant flower on May Day, among other celebrations such as dancing around the Maypole and, um, Morris Dancing, is the blossom of the May tree. Never heard of the May tree? That's because it's more commonly known as hawthorn, which has also been known simply as "the May".

On Mayday garlands of hawthorn flowers may be worn by revellers, and many pagan religions associate it with fertility because it comes to bloom in spring. And of course, it's a beautiful flower in it's own right, decorating the spring countryside with endless sprigs of delicate white blossom.

Just look out for the thorns!

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