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Facts about Valentines Day - The Good the Bad and the Ugly

If you hadn’t heard Valentines Day is fast approaching. With the power of the internet here are a bunch of surely accurate and 100% verified facts that people on the internet have posted. There are some that may surprise you some what other that may shock you but surely there all true since the internet never lies.

The Good

Teachers receive the most Valentines cards out of anyone

Over a billion valentines cards are sent worldwide making it the second biggest card sending period after Christmas

Worldwide over 50 million Roses are given each year for valentines.

The oldest known Valentines poem is dated from 3500BC and was written in a clay tablet.

The Bad

Around 60% of men don’t make plans for Valentines Day in advance

15% of women send flowers to themselves on Valentines

Women purchase 85% of all valentines

Men spend nearly twice as much on valentines than women

The Ugly

Around 3% of pet owners will buy gifts for their pets for valentines day

Valentines Day can be traced back to the Lupercalia festival in Ancient Rome where men would strip naked, grabbed whips and lashed the girls and women to increase their fertility.

The sale of at home pregnancy tests peak in March

About 40% of people have negative feelings towards Valentines Day

And to finish as one lovely cynic put it, even though your really really in love now, your still going to die, so very uplifiting.

Happy Valentines from the whole Clare Florist Team!

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