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Tips For Tuesday – Left over Easter Egg Chocolate

Now that Easter has been and gone you may be in the luxury position of just having received so many Easter eggs you don’t know what to do with them. Now if your like me and ate near to your weight in chocolate over the weekend, it wasn’t pretty, then you only long to enjoy some of these delicious ideas of what to do with that left over chocolate! Imagine being this guy!

Waster egg mountian

Rice Crispy Cakes

No baking required for this one! Simply melt the chocolate and then mix in rice crispies, spoon out into sup cake holders and leave to set. Can be decorate with more chocolate or mini eggs, delicious!

Ice Cream Topping

Melt chocolate and add a dash of milk or cream and drizzle over. Alternatively don’t melt the chocolate just break it up into little pieces and scatter over the ice cream.

Melted choolate

Chocolate Covered Spoons

Melt the chocolate but this time dip in some spoons then leave to set. This is great for when you have a hot drink or pudding as the chocolate melts make each mouthful extra special.

Chocolate Covered Fruit

Instead of dipping in spoons dip in fruit and leave to set, place in the frige and then each them when there are cold. My personal favourite for this is strawberries!

Hot Chocolate

Pretty simple, melt down the chocolate and once is melted gradually mix in milk to the mixture becomes a drinkable consistency and then down the hatch!

Donate Them

If you have the good fortune to have lots of unwanted easter eggs think about heading down to your local homeless shelter or childrens hospital to share with those who may have missed out.

Make Yourself Ill

This one is quite simple, take the chocolate, eat as much as you can in a really short space of time, and then wait to feel the consequences. If done correctly you sould feel disgutsting for around 4-6 hours.

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