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Autumn Gardening for Flower Lovers

Every year since time began, summer's heat has faded, the world has spun on, and autumn has begun. And well would you look at that, it's happening again. 

Many flower lovers may be sad to see summer go; it is after all the period of the brightest blooms, the most flamboyant and brilliant petals and stamen, standing proud against a (occasionally...) brilliant blue sky. As William Shakespeare famously quoth: "Summer's lease hath all too short a date." Smart lad, our Bill.

But do not despair! For there are still plenty of reasons for the keen gardener to get excited as September takes over. So let's have a look at a Metro article which advises on one of the best ways to keep your garden blooming for as long as there's even a hint of warmth in the air and colour in the sky: Bulbs.

Bulbs are hardier than some of your flighty summer flowers, and will keep the garden looking bright and busy for much longer. One particularly beautiful plant is Cyclamen hederifolium, also called ivy-leaved cyclamen. The dainty pink leaves of this pretty cyclamen make it an irresistible addition to a late-flowering garden.

To accompany your cyclamen, why not also try planting out some meadow saffron? A native plant to the United Kingdom, these flowers are also known as the autumn crocus. Yep, you read that right: autumn! Just don't be fooled by the name: unlike true saffron, meadow saffron is completely inedible, and indeed has been mistaken in the past for wild garlic, with predictably catastrophic results. Look, but don't eat!

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