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5 Reasons Why Flowers & Plants Make the Best Housewarming Gifts

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So you have a close friend or relative who has moved into a new flat or house recently and you are looking to present them with a special gift. One of the best ideas for a housewarming gift, in our humble, non-biased opinion, is a fresh bouquet of flowers or a plant. Here are the reasons why:

1. There's no danger of giving a duplicate gift. If you opt for something practical like a juicer, chances are the person may already own or may be gifted the same item by someone else. A bouquet of flowers is unique.

2. It's original. Flowers are perhaps not the most common housewarming gift so why not break the mould? Display your originality with a carefully chosen bouquet or plant.

3. Flowers immediately bring beauty and colour to any enviroment. A bouquet of lovely flowers adds colour and fragrance and creates a much-admired focal point, perfect for a new home.

4. Doorstep delivery. With Clare Florist you can select any bouquet for free standard next day delivery across the UK. This means that you can have your exquisite floral gift delivered direct to its intended recipient - what a lovely surprise for them! This is also handy if the gift is for a friend or relative moving to the other side of the country and you can't personally get their gift to them!

5. There's so many to choose from. With such an extensive range of New Home Flowers to select from, you can choose the colour and type of flower which best reflects the recipient's tastes and personality. Whether it's cheerful sunflowers or mysterious orchids, there is sure to be a bouquet or plant that they will love!

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