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Flowers and Emotional Well-Being

In this day and age, stress is high, attention spans are short, and we are constantly over-stimulated and overwhelmed with sensory overload to the point of stress and anxiety. What on earth can be done about this? Luckily, Mother Nature is at hand with a remarkably simple yet extraordinarily effective solution: flowers.

Recent studies have indicated what we have long suspected: flowers create happy emotions, enhance the sense of life satisfaction, and boost social behaviour in an overwhelmingly positive way. A team of researchers led by Dr. Haviland-Jones have demonstrated that flowers have an instant effect on happiness, which is why flowers make for such a darned effective gift, no matter what the occasion is. Study participants have been observed showing "true" smiles when presented with a bouquet of flowers, a reaction which occured regardless of gender or age. Flowers are also thought to be responsible for a long-lasting mood lift, with participants indicating that they experienced lowered levels of depression, anxiety and agitation and increased levels of enjoyment and satisfaction.

Another benefit of flowers is that they can help forge intimate connections whilst also strengthening the bond between friends and family members. A bouquet of flowers is such a memorable gift that you will instantly forge a long-lasting fond association with whoever gifts you them.

These study results just go to show that flowers are not only great for sending to loved ones, but can also be used to decorate your own home or office setting. It's already well established that plants in offices increase productivity and happiness, so why not go one better and decorate your workplace with flowers? Or if you have a friend or relative moving into a new house or flat, what better gift than a bouquet of New Home Flowers to introduce a ray of goodwill and cheer to their new abode.

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