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5 Ways to Spend the Perfect Valentine's Day 2017

Valentine's Day is coming up pretty soon, so it's a good idea to start planning now how you want to spend the day with your other half. Wondering what day Valentine's Day is in 2017? February 14th this year is a Tuesday which means you'll probably have obligations such as work or study during the day. But this doesn't mean you can't spoil your other half rotten in the evening. Without further ado, here are five suggestions on how to spend the perfect Valentine's Day this year:

1. Go to the Movies

OK, maybe an obvious choice, but a trip to the cinema is always a fun affair. Upcoming film releases for February 2017 include Fifty Shades Darker, an erotic romantic drama which could be the perfect choice for adventurously amorous lovebirds. If romantic films aren't quite your pace and you prefer something a bit different for Valentine's Day, why not check out upcoming horror flick Rings, the latest forthcoming instalment of the popular horror franchise.

2. Enjoy a Romantic Meal Together

There are few better ways to spend Valentine's Day together than to share a cosy and intimate dinner, preferably by candlelight. If you want to treat your partner to a meal at their favourite restaurant, remember to book in advance as it's sure to be a popular night for bookings! Or better yet, why not cook for your beloved. Make their favourite dish or try something new neither of you have had before - it's always fun to try new things!

3. Go to the Theatre

How often do you go take in a play? If you're anything like me, not very often I'd wager! Valentine's Day is a good excuse to do something a bit special and out of the ordinary. Aside from plays, you could also go see a musical, a circus show, a cabaret performance, a magic show, or anything else you think you and your partner might enjoy.

4. Go Dancing

As it's a 'school night', this might not be a viable option for everyone, but if you've a flexible schedule or don't mind sacrificing sleep for fun despite the next day's consequences, why not head out for a night on the town? Hit a few bars and then a nightclub to have a Valentine's evening filled with fun and frolics.

5. Have a Night In

A cosy night in together is a great way to spend Valentine's Day with your other half. Crack open a bottle of wine, play some board games, or maybe you could watch a film together - to use the vernacular, 'Netflix and chill.'

So that concludes our list of suggestions for Valentine's Day 2017. What do you think - have we missed anything out? However you plan to spend February the 14th this year, there is one thing that will make your other half's Valentine's Day even more unforgettable - and that's the gift of a bouquet of Valentine's Day Flowers. If you're feeling extra generous, why not include other gifts such as chocolates, a teddy and a handwritten card.

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