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Top 5 Weirdest Love Songs for Valentine's Day 2017

Sick of the standard, generic, cliched romantic pop songs year after year? So are we, which is why we've dug a bit deeper to compile a list of our favourite endearingly oddball and eccentric love songs.

Egyptian Lover - I Cry (Night After Night) (1984)

Try, if you can, to imagine an alternate universe where Prince is an unknown rap musician who releases his first album because, in his own words, he "just wanted to make a record with my name on it so the girls could hear it." The result is the debut album from Egyptian Lover which features the track I Cry, a touching tribute to heartsickness.

Three Beat Slide - Greatest Treasure (2016)

You may be aware of these guys from a few years back when they went somewhat viral with their delightfully cheesy hit "Summertime is Great." Since then we've been big Three Beat Slide fans so we were pretty thrilled when a new track came out at the end of last year. It's an homage to band member Edward's wife, the "love of his past, present, and future."

Jan Terri - Losing You (1993)

File this video under - unintentionally hilarious. The song itself is weirdly catchy and all the more charming for its awkwardness. The perfect track to dedicate to your special someone this Valentine's Day.

Har Mar Superstar - Power Lunch (2002)

An unlikely choice for a pop star pin up, Har Mar Superstar's thinning hair, pale skin, beer paunch and bizarre moustache somehow only manage to add to his appeal. This has to rival Marvin Gaye's 'Let's Get it On' for its power to create an immediately seductive atmosphere.

Gellieman - Aicha (2002)

For fans of kitsch Internet memes, Gellieman's version of Aicha may be one of the greatest cover versions of all time. Recorded by a Belgian teenager in the early noughties, this went viral pretty quickly and its legacy has endured to the present day. Pro-tip: learn the dance routine to impress your other half with this Valentine's Day.

So that concludes our list of the most bizarre, weird, outlandish love songs we've ever heard. Are there any we missed out?

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