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One week until Valentine's Day!

Just a few days until the big one, romance fans.

So if you're still wavering over the perfect flowers to strike the perfect mood on St Valentine's Day, let Clare Florist show you some of our brightest and best.

Today we highlight one of our most vibrant bouquets - the amazing "True Romance" bouquet.

True Romance roses

This is definitely one for the traditionalists. A dozen red roses has an appeal which goes far beyond the simple beauty and fragrance of the flowers -- although these are ample! This bouquet really appeals for the poetry caught up in its mystique, its allusion to so many myths, stories and legends where the red rose symbolises love, true and passionate. 

Wars have been named after roses, and hearts won by them for centuries. Great love poets from Burns to Shakespeare have seen in the rose a symbol of the heart's deepest passions. Images abound: the unrequited lover sighing as he clutches the stem of a rose; The blushing bride clutching her roseate bouquet; the latin lover dancing, dashingly, a red rose clutched between his sparkling white teeth.

So if your lady love -- or gentleman love! -- is a bit of a romantic at heart, there's nothing that will bring the blush to their cheeks and the flutter to their heart better than this amazing array of red rose petals, delicately arranged and carefully hand-tied. 

True Romance bouquet available here

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