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5 Ways to Surprise Your Other Half This Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is very nearly upon us already and the romantically inclined among us will already thinking about what to do on the 14th of February. The standard dinner/cinema date Valentine's Day program is solid, yet somewhat predictable. If you want your loved one's Valentine's Day to be extra memorable, you may need to try and surprise them with something a bit different. Seeking ideas and inspiration to make this Valentine's Day the best one yet? Read on!

1. Bake them Romantic Cookies

Anyone can be a chef these days thanks to the plethora of recipes available online via Google. It doesn't need to be Great British Bake Off level - remember it's the thought and effort that counts above all else! Try making them in romantic heart shapes or personalising with your SO's name spelled out with sprinkles or icing for an adorable finishing touch.

Personalised Coupn Book

2. Personalised Coupon Book

This works so well because it's so personal and intimate. Essentially you create your SO a booklet of handwritten coupons they can redeem whenever they wish. The sky's the limit for what kind of things the coupons could be redeemed for - breakfast in bed, a massage, their choices for movie night. You could even include some NSFW things - we'll let your imagination do the rest here!

Handwritten Card

3. DIY Card/Letter

Sure, you can get some fancy handwritten cards for Valentine's Day in the shops, but sometimes these things work better with a simpler, more personal touch. All that's required is a bit of time, a bit of creativity and, most importantly all, a large bit of sincerity. If you have an artistic streak you can use basic craft elements to make a card. If you have a way with words why not try writing a letter or poem? The result is sure to impress your other half!

4. First Date Reenactment

This is a good one for couples who have been together for a wee while. A great way to reignite that initial spark is to revisit the venue for your first date - be it a bar, a restaurant or a romantic walk somewhere. The anchors of memory and emotion will prove to be massively effective for getting you and your significant other into the Valentine's Day spirit, leading to a memorable day filled with romance.

Letterbox Single Red Rose

5. Get Creative with Romantic Flowers

Yes, I know, we're a florist pushing flowers. Hear me out! Grabbing a bouquet of Valentine's Day flowers and presenting it to your loved one is great and all. But there are other perhaps more memorable ways to approach it.  How about scattering petals across the bed, or leaving small arrangements of flowers in different rooms of the house as a surprise. You could even combine flowers with candles, chocolates, sweets and other romantic decorations to transform your home into a Valentine's wonderland!

Do you have any ideas of your own you'd like to share? Have you ever tried any of these yourself? Let us know!

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