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Sonic Bloom!

Solar powered flowers that bloom at night!

But wait a second ...if they're solar powered, how on earth can they bloom at night? The night's notorious for it's lack of sunlight. Lack of sunlight's basically what it is. And besides, aren't all flowers solar powered?

Well, allow us to explain. We are talking about the sonic bloom. 

The Sonic Bloom is a $300,000 new exhibition in Seattle, USA, at the Pacific Science Centre. It's both an art and a science exhibit, deisgned to be beautiful, but also to get people thinking and talking about the challenges of climate chance and renewable energy. 

“There’s a myth that solar power won’t work in Seattle,” said artist Dan Corson. “But even on the cloudy days we get a lot of, solar does work.”

The exhibit itself consists of five massive solar-powered "flowers" made from metal and fibreglass. They are covered in thousand of LED lights, which soak up energy from sunlight during the day, and unleash it at night by glowing brightly, and also playing harmonious music which is triggered by the approach of visitors. 

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