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7 Best Autumn Flowers and Plants for Your Garden

7 Best Autumn Flowers and Plants for Your Garden

Summer has gone and autumn is here. Winter is surely coming but before everything looks bare, there are still plants and flowers bringing pops of colour to everyday life. While you can always head to beautifully landscaped areas and well-designed gardens to see flowers, you can also grow your own small garden filled with autumn flowers.

Of course, the trick to growing flowers during autumn is knowing which ones to grow. A lot of flowers bloom during this season and it may be daunting to choose which ones to grow in your garden. To help you with that, here are the best flowers for autumn for your garden, including some plants:


Dahlias have been a summer staple for the longest time but they do flower until the first frosts. They are a great addition into your garden given they come in many varieties as well as in a range of colours. Not only that, they come in different sizes as well: there are dwarf dahlias and there are those that tower.

Crocus serotinus

These are one of the best autumn garden flowers as they provide a burst of colour even before foliage appears. These lilac blue funnel shaped flowers reach up to 10 centimetres in height and often times come with a yellow throat that appears with the narrow, linear leaves. Crocus are deciduous perennials that prefer the sun. As such, they need to be planted in areas that protect them from heavy rains.


Although grown in the UK for close to two centuries, it’s surprising that new varieties of petunias still pop up. The Surfinia series were pretty popular for years, and we still continue to see this trailing variety in many home gardens. Today, we see different kinds of petunias, including the upright variety. Available in many shades and styles, these flowers add depth and colour to any garden.

Callistephus chinensis

Commonly called China aster, this has chrysanthemum-like flowers that are available in different colours including red, yellow, pink and purple. Although they can bloom in autumn, they can grow during late summer. They grow best in a sheltered site and preferably in soil that is neutral to alkaline.


These are usually used in containers and hanging baskets. Begonias are a constant source of colour in the garden from summer until the first frosts. They are one of the easiest flowers to care for and they grow best in partial shade.

Western mugwort

The silvery foliage of this plant blends well with brilliantly coloured flowers. It has brownish-yellow flowers during mid-summer to autumn. It grows to about 75 centimetres in height and can spread up to 80 centimetres. This is also one of the easiest plants to grow.

Carbery Gold

Known as Juniperus x pfitzeriana, this medium-spreading conifer grows low and spreads elegantly. It features a bright colour that is maintained throughout the year. They are easy to grow and do well in soil that is well-drained. One of the best ways to include this plant in your garden is to put it at the front of borders. They also look good on a rock garden.

Autumn may be too close to winter but some plants and flowers last until the frost comes. While there are many that bloom during autumn, the ones listed here are among those that are easy to grow and care for.

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