How to Have a Stress Free Valentine's Day

With Valentine's Day less than a month away, for many of us we get ourselves worked up with nagging questions like What should we get our partner? Should I get them something expensive? Would they like jewelry or chocolates? Maybe I should cook?... the questions and stress keep coming. So this Valentines' Day, follow our 6 ideas to ensure a stress free Valentine's to enjoy with your partner.

1 - Plan a Romantic Getaway

One of the best ways to treat your partner, aside from the usual flattery and chocolates is to whisk them away on a romantic weekend. Perhaps they would like to visit a cottage out in the forest, or maybe a hotel in a busy shopping district would be more their thing. Regardless of where you choose, what better surprise then a mystery trip where you can celebrate Valentine's day together.

2 - Spend your Valentine's with Friends and Family

Just because it's Valentine's Day doesn't mean it has to be spent with just your partner. Why not have a double date with friends, or take your partner home to your parents and have a big family meal together. Make it a date to celebrate with all the special people in your life.

3 - Cook!

Prepare your loved one a 3 course meal.. a yummy starter, their favorite meal and a sweet dessert. Maybe a coffee and some after dinner mints to finish it off... What more needs to be said?

4 - Valentine's Day for Yourself

Whilst everyone is focusing on what they can do for their partner, why not spend a bit of time asking what you can do for yourself. Maybe this Valentine's you'd like to treat yourself to a massage or manicure, or get your favorite movie and order in.

5 - Reschedule for Another Day

Why not reschedule your Valentines for another day. That way you can avoid the mad rush and busy restaurant, and instead dine out together on a week night where you can properly enjoy each others company without being smothered by hoards of couples around you.

6 - Lower your Expectations!

Chances are if you're feeling nervous about Valentine's day, they are too! Why not have a quick chat about what you both expect, and if anything set a budget for how much you'd like to spend, or agree that you'll spend it in the cinema together and a nice meal after. Putting pressure on yourself to plan a perfect day just creates more stress and tension, when instead lowering our expectations and simply enjoying the moment will make your day run smoothly.

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