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Arts and Crafts: Making Flower Jewelry


We've been trawling around to find some of the best flower-related arts and crafts idas on the web, and one thing we've noticed is that people consistently make some pretty fabulous jewelry, either on flower themes or actually using flower themselves. So without further ado, let us present to you -- 3 great tutorials for making cute homemade jewelry on a floral theme.

In this first video, Youtuber Dsscrapie takes the viewer throughg making a wire flower using floral wire. This could be used as a brooch, a hair ornament, or to decorate an ornament or photo frame! You'll need some fairly specialist materials, though, including wire clippers and floral wire.

In the next video, SoCraftastic makes some flowers using a much more basic material -- coloured duct tape! You've probably seen those duct tape wallets before, but this is a lot more delicate - and much prettier. The duct tape roses are especially stunning.

And finally, watch as Kay Winter shows off a few techniques for making flower jewelry from real flowers. They aren't as delicate as the wire or duct tape jewels, but there's a real rustic charm to having a wreath or brooch actually made out of living blooms.

Happy crafting! 

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