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Astonishing X-Ray Flower Photography

Ardent fans of the Clare Florist blog (that’s you, right guys? …Guys?) may remember some outstanding flower photography which we showed you all a few weeks back, where flowers were placed in liquid silicone before being zapped with, ooh, absolutely lots of electricity. (Complete with a gratifying BUZZZZZ noise and a mad-scientist cackle, or so I for one am choosing to believe). I speak, of course, of the epic work of photographer Robert Buelteman. The results were outstanding; vibrant, blue-glowing images which contrasted the awesome force of electricity with the delicacy of flowers. Sure, a kid with a copy of Photoshop who knew his way around the ‘filters’ menu could have knocked something pretty similar up in an afternoon, but that’s not the point, or so we’re reliably informed.

Well, a lot of you liked that blog, so now we’re happy to be able to bring you a similar experience, again featuring a photographer who approaches flower photography in an unorthodox, and scientific manner, to get some outstanding results. X-Ray flowers. The photographer’s name is Hugh Turvey, and he has been incorporating X-Rays into his work since 1996. Starting with an X-Ray image of a human skull, he has since turned his attention to some altogether more everyday objects – like these amazing flower photos. Who knew that the inside of plants would look this damn cool? Check out this gallery of Hugh Turvey's X-Ray Flowers to get a fascinating new perspective!

All photographs are, of course, copyright Hugh Turvey.

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