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Glory in the Stunning Art of Chiara Biancheri

In recent weeks we've shown you a whole range of great flower artists - the electrifying work of Robert Buelteman, the X-citing X-rays of Hugh Turvey, and the astonishing micro-macro photo work of Jonathan Singer. And we've got another great treat for you today.

All of those artists mentioned above are photographers; their art consists of reproducinjg an image from nature in a particular medium, under particular conditions. Today's featured flower artist is different in that she's a creator; her flowers are the work of her own imagination. But like the three photographers, Chiara Biancheri's work is still dependent on, and inextricably linked with, modern technology.

Biancheri is a digital architect, who was born in Italy in 1985, and subsequently graduated in Architecture. This architectural heritage comes throguh in the structures which she creates for the fractal eyescapes of her work; everything is built upon the notion of layers supporting each other, of transient motion underpinned by a permanence of form.

But enough of this waffle. Revel in the glorious flower art of Chiara Biancheri!

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