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Carnations - January's Birth Flower

The concept of 'birth flowers' has been around since ancient Rome and it is a practice which is observed in the UK and the US right up to the present day. Each month has a different flower assigned to it thought to represent the characteristics of people born in that month. January's birth flower is the carnation, a flower renowned for its inherent beauty and indelible splendour.

With the excitment of Christmas and New Year behind us, January can seem like an gloomy, even cruel month at times. Nature offers us flowers which thrive on inclement weather conditions, however, such as the radiantly colourful carnation, a flower which can bring joy and warmth to even the grimmest of January mornings.

Carnations are said to be symbolic of 'love, fascination and distinction.' It would seem that the colour of your chosen carnation can lend further significance to the gesture of a floral gift; for example a pink carnation is thought to symbolise affection whilst a red carnation conveys love.

Pink CarnationsRed Carnations









Did you know that the carnations' formal name is Dianthus, which comes from the Greek for 'heavenly flower?' A rather fitting name for such a lovely flower which is also known as the flower of Jove, referring to the Roman God most commonly associated with curly cherub hair and dramatic firebolts! We offer an inspired selection of Carnations; the Pink Carnations and Festive Red Carnations pictured above offer a small snapshot of what's available in our full range of Carnations. So if you are looking for a bouquet for a new year's day celebration or a loved one has a birthday in January coming up, a carnation bouquet could well be the ideal choice as a gift!

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