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Clare Florist Advent Calendar - 1 day to go!




Santa is coming tonight, and the stockings will be filled, the presents placed under the tree, the Christmas pudding allowed to steep for one last night. And, of course, this is also the last day in the Clare Florist Advent Calendar. No, you don't get an Advent Calendar post tomorrow. You can have a Happy Christmas post though :)

So what's in today's post, the FINAL entry in this year's Advent Calendar?  It's ...what else? It's a Christmas Rose.

Festive Fairytale: The story of the Christmas Rose, as we told it on this blog post a while ago, goes like this...

The name comes from a charming folktale. The story goes that, in certain places long ago, it was a tradition to offer a gift on Christmas Day to the baby Jesus. A poor young Jewish girl, upset because she had no gift to offer to Christ, began to cry. And where her tears landed, the delicate petals of the Christmas Rose emerged from the snow.

Another story also connects the plant to Christmas; at one time it was used at Christmas to predict the weather for the coming year. People would cut twelve flowers on Christmas Eve, and place them in a vase. Each flower represented a month of the year to come. The flowers which opened meant months which would have good weather – those which stayed closed spoke of less clement times.

Happy Christmas Eve, everyone, and thanks for checking the Clare Florist Advent Calendar every day! We hope you enjoyed the ride.

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