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Finding the Perfect Flowers for Christmas - Part 2

Christmas Flowers for All

 So, while the above plants make regular appearances during the festive season, what if you’re in the market for something a little more modern to fit in with your Christmas decor? Well, with our range of winter bouquets we have some beautiful blooms to suit all tastes this time of year and beyond! Let's take a look at some of the popular flowers that appear in a few of our festive bouquets.


Originating from Greek mythology, the flower gets its name from the love-struck nymph Amaryllis and is said to mean “sparkling.” As a plant that stands tall, the Amaryllis is said to be associated with pride, also illustrated by their trumpet shaped flowers. Don’t be fooled by their traditional tropical feel, they’re rapidly becoming a popular choice for Christmas flowers too! While they’re available in a range of bright colours, undoubtedly the most popular has to be red and white, making them a great option for your festive blooms. 

 You can add a touch of this festive pride to your home this Christmas with the help of our beautiful Christmas Joy Bouquet (£39.99).Not only is it packed with bold and beautiful red Amaryllis, it also features a vibrant selection of germini, lilies and hypericum with a touch of festive foliage. Alternatively, for a simple but statement addition to your home this festive season, we love this arrangement of Velvet Red Amaryllis (£34.99), guaranteed to bring some Christmas cheer!


Chrysanthemums (or ‘mums’) are a popular choice when it comes to Christmas flowers, and as you’ll see, feature in some of our gorgeous Christmas bouquets. They have quite the history, dating back to China as far as the 15th century BC, being used as a herbal remedy for headaches. They didn’t reach Europe until the 17th century, and since then they have become beautiful addition to gardens and bouquets. Over the years, Chrysanthemums have had different meanings attached to them depending on the time and the culture. For example, Victorians used them to signify friendship and well wishes, while in Australia they’re used as the official Mother’s Day flower due to their nickname. However, the general belief is that they signify joy and optimism, making them a perfect addition to your Christmas flower bouquet.

 One of our favourite bouquets that features these fabulous flowers is our Gilded Christmas Bouquet (£32.99), which also features red roses and carnations, along with gold pine cones for an extra festive touch. Red Chrysanthemums are believed to symbolise love and passion, making this bouquet a great gift for your significant other this Christmas. Alternatively, you can go for a bouquet with a wonderful wintery twist, such as our Snow White Christmas arrangement (£32.99). Finished with silver pine cones and green foliage, this arrangement of winter Chrysanthemums, lilies and roses is sure to remind you of a beautiful winter wonderland.

 Christmas Colours

Of course you don’t have to stick to traditional Christmas flowers and plants if you don’t want to. This time of year, you can add a touch of festive cheer to your home by going for simple Christmas colours in your choice of flower. Our range of festive inspired bouquets are beautifully designed and feature all of your favourite blooms and will not only make a vibrant addition to your home but they’ll also make a wonderful gift for someone special. Red is of course a classic when it comes to festive colour palettes, so you can’t go wrong with some traditional red roses. We love these Christmas Roses (£32.99) which also features plenty of lush foliage along with gold and red berries for that extra festive touch. Not only will these make a great gift for a loved one, but they’ll also make a fabulous centrepiece for your Christmas table. It’s commonly known that red roses are symbolistic for love and passion, so either of these beautiful bouquets will make a stunning gift for the person you love. Alternatively, our Christmas Rosmeria (£39.99) arrangement is perfect for a dash of extra glamour, with a glorious mix of red roses and alstroemeria, finished with glittering gold pine cones. With alstroemeria being believed to be a symbol of friendship, not only will our Christmas Rosmeria bouquet make a wonderful gift for a loved one, but also for a close friend too.


Alternatively, if you would prefer to keep your Christmas decor a little bit more neutral, why not add a touch of winter magic to your home with an arrangement of white flowers? Our Luxury Winter Wonderland (£45) bouquet features beautiful white roses and is brought to life with the help of winter foliage, and sparkling silver berries and pine cones. While the red rose symbolises love and passion, the white rose is believed to signify purity and innocence, making it a popular choice for wedding flowers. So, if there’s some newlyweds in your family this Christmas, our Winter Wonderland arrangement could make the perfect gift. If you’re looking for something a little different to white roses, why not go for our Highland Fling (£34.99) bouquet? Combining crisp whites with a pop of bright blue, this arrangement features chrysanthemums and eryngium, finished with frosted berries, faux apples and pine cones. The frosted whites are perfect for creating those magical winter vibes at Christmas time, while the bright blues add a refreshing feel that will also make this bouquet feel right at home for your new year celebrations too.

We hope this has given you a little inspiration when it comes to choosing your Christmas flowers. Don’t forget, not only are winter flowers a perfect addition to your home during the festive season, they can also make a wonderful gift for someone special too. For even more inspiration, take a look at our fabulous range of flowers and find your perfect bouquet this Christmas!

Written by Amy Jackson - Content Writer at My Favourite Voucher Codes - 16th December 2019

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