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Flower Bouquet Care & Maintenance Tips

Flower Bouquet Care & Maintenance Tips

You've just received a fresh bouquet of flowers, and with great excitement you open the box and take out your bouquet. It's a great thought when someone in our life sends us flowers, especially if we are feeling a bit down in the dumps! Now that you have your flowers delivered though, what's next? Whilst you could just put them in a vase there are a few little tips and tricks you can do to make sure that your flowers stay fresh for you to enjoy them for longer.

Here are our favourite tips and tricks to properly care for your bouquet.

Preparation of your Flowers

First things first. Remove your flowers from the box and remove the bouquet wrapping. There may be an elastic band around the stems which can be cut off too. We advise putting down a few pieces of kitchen roll to make the clean up a little bit easier

Now that you have bouquet laid out, take a sharp knife and trim the stems about an inch or so from the bottom. We advise cutting the stems at an angle as this helps them absorb water better. You can use a scissors to cut them however this can sometimes crush the stems so they may not soak up water as well as using a knife.

Also remove any foliage and leaves near the base of the flower stems as this can dirty the water.

Getting your Vase

After you have trimmed the stems, find a clean vase that can house your flowers and fill it with lukewarm water, ideally around room temperature. The reason we use slightly warm water is that water that is warm is absorbed quicker than cold water. This helps perk your flowers up. Mix in your flower food as this adds extra nutrients to nourish your flowers with.

Then add in your bouquet, you may want to rearrange the stems so that they are all even heights and one side isn't fuller of one flower compared to the other.

Maintaining Your Bouquet

We always advise to place your flowers away from direct sunlight as this can cause the petals to prematurely wilt. Flowers last longer when placed in cooler conditions, away from drafts.

You should change the water every few days or so, or when you notice the level dropping or the water becoming cloudy. Also remove any excess foliage in the water as that can cause bacteria to build up.

One final point is to not place your flowers near any fruit or veg as the ethylene gas produced from fruit can cause your flowers to wilt.

We hope this guide was useful to you and all the best with enjoying your flowers!

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